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Healing Households

One Dog at a Time

For Tyson Kilmer, training animals was a birthright. Raised in a rural community in B.C., Tyson worked with every type of animal from an early age, yet he always had a special affinity and gift for working with canines. Without anyone “teaching” him how to do it, Tyson expertly trained all his family’s dogs, and soon friends and neighbors were hiring him to do the same for their pets, especially those dogs that were unresponsive to traditional training methods. With his own self-taught style, Tyson found that his system of dog and puppy obedience training was 100 percent effective regardless of the animal’s age, temperament or breed.

Having professionally trained dogs throughout his youth, Tyson was approached by a modeling scout at age 15 and began an exciting and lucrative career as a professional model. Though still training dogs as a hobby, Tyson spent the next decade traveling the world and gracing international runways as a model for the worlds top couture designers. He likewise filled the pages of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines with feature spreads in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire, among others.

By age 25, Tyson had lost his passion for modeling and realized how much more enjoyment he got from training dogs for his friends within the fashion industry, many of whom were top models and designers. He soon settled in Los Angeles to launch his dog training company, and thanks to the buzz his talents created in the fashion industry, Tyson instantly became “the dog trainer to the rich and famous.” His celebrity clientele included Sheryl Crow, Rob Lowe, Marilyn Manson, Mike Tyson, Joni Mitchell, Lenny Kravitz, Rose McGowan, Mark McGrath, Steve Carr, Mathieu Kassovitz, Derron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Chris Cornell, Kate Beckinsale, Maggie Q and Sam Simon and The Sam Simon Foundation to name a few. Still, Tyson most enjoys training dogs for average everyday people who want to live in perfect harmony with their canine companions.

The Tyson Kilmer Method of training covers all the basic commands – including “sit/stay,” “down/stay,” “come/stay” and the perfect “heel” – by use of hand signals, body movement and both verbal correction and praise. Moreover, the Tyson Method puts equal focus on teaching the dog owner all the skills and lifestyle training necessary to insure a happy healthy owner-canine relationship, one that recognizes the importance of balance and mutual respect. As Tyson always says, “A happy healthy dog is one that knows his or her place in the family tree.”

At times, Tyson’s intensive technique can even be considered part-training/part-therapy/dog therapy. That’s why Tyson can honestly proclaim; “He’s healing families one dog at a time!”

  • Training - Phase 1
  • Training - Phase 2
  • Training - Phase 3
  • Skype Lessons & Group Hangs
  • Rehab Training

This basic puppy training package teaches pup and parent all basic leash commands including SIT, DOWN, COME, HEEL, BED/STAY, and CRATE commands, as well as teaching your pup the very useful disciplines of NO JUMP, NO NIP, NO BARK, and NO BITE behaviors to ensure safety and healthy growth for all.

In Phase One your pups will also be placed in the process of learning when and where to potty, though this process can take a little more time for young pups and so this learning can sometimes stretch into the second phase of training for some.

The TK Phase Two package is all about using the commands and control learned in Phase One, and applying it in order to create a great and healthy lifestyle in the home. In this phase folks will learn such ideas as using the bed command when guests enter or exit the house,thus keeping pups in command and away from the entry ways.
Just think about it, when dogs are on their beds no jumping, nipping, or unsightly dog hair transfer shall ensue!
This work is about teaching us how to constructively think about and  utilize commands wisely as a means to create great behavior patterns in the home.
Phase Two will use Tyson’s amazing techniques in order to establish how to live in harmony with your pups & peeps, and will impress both you the dog parent, as well as everyone else lucky enough to visit a TK DogzLife graduate’s home.
This phase will focus on Area Training, Off Leash Control, Holding Command, Distractions, Sharing Toys, Greeting, and including our guests and kids in modeling good puppy leadership too.
At this point most dogs will even potty when asked and also where we ask them to…BONUS

TK’s Phase Three is all about teaching your puppy how to enjoy the great outdoors by first understanding how we should behave and interact with grace and respect for all other people and dog lovers’ freedoms.

Dogs and their peeps can look forward to learning TK’s patented techniques for creating safety and peace in the great outdoors, while learning such practices as street etiquette. The practice of sharing the sidewalk with all others including dogs, kids, bikes, and skateboards too.
We will also tackle fear of noises such as garbage trucks and motorcycles while teaching our dogs to hold command while under stress and duress.
Phase Three will also instruct you and your pup on better ways to approach hiking trails, off leash untrained dogs, and people, as well as giving instruction on how to approach safer and more positive dog park experiences.
When it comes to the great outdoors, harmony, and safety, it pays to know your stuff and practice your TK DogzLife techniques.
This is about being an amazing leader for your pack!


Here’s how they break down…

Weekly basic Phase One Skype training package providing 8 1/2 hour sessions, two weekly, spread out over four weeks.

This will focus on teaching the Sit, Down, Come, Heel, Bed, and Crate Commands, as well as No Jumping, Nipping, or Biting as a means to creating a healthy start for your dog.

Students can look forward to a whole host of great tips and advice strategies given as bonus information during all TK Skype training sessions!
Fee $800.00

Weekly Phase Two Skype training package providing 8 1/2 hour sessions, two weekly, spread out over four weeks.

This phase will use Tyson’s amazing techniques in order to establish how we can live in harmony with your pups & peeps, and will impress both you the dog parent, as well as everyone else lucky enough to visit a TK DogzLife graduate’s home.

This phase will focus on: Area Training, Off Leash Control, Holding Command, Distractions, Sharing Toys/Food, Greeting, and including our guests and kids in modeling good puppy leadership too.

Students can look forward to a whole host of great tips and advice strategies given as bonus information during all TK Skype training sessions!
Fee $800.00


There are deals to be had when we teach in numbers folks!

Let’s face it, many of the dogs we want to save and rescue have already suffered from various forms of abandonment, neglect, abuse, or simple lacks of guidance and training leadership – all issues that can cause some pretty severe and depressing behaviors!
Just failing to basic train many of our dogs can lead to some negative behaviors which require behavior modifications or even some pretty intense rehab therapies in order to curb them.
Tyson Kilmer is an expert in the field of rehabilitating both dogs and people who seek sanctuary from both aggressive as well as fearful/fear aggressive behaviors in the dogs we love.
Like TK always says: It takes a willing and able balanced human first, in order to heal the soul of one broken dog!
Not all dogs can be saved as safe and worthy pets, yet for many thousands of dogs in need TK’s rehab has proven to be a true life saver!
This work varies in both duration as well as techniques needed, based on each dog’s specific needs for rehab or behavior modification.
Prices vary based on consultation


RECYCLED: The act of taking something used, thrown out, lost, or devalued and re-purposing it, thus providing a new lease on life!


I believe that the key to solving the shelter and rescue crisis comes down to answering the age old question: Why do we fail to train our pups after choosing them? I believe behavior to be the most crucial reason why dogs become homeless, and why dog parents become desperate enough to give them up to shelter and rescue in the first place.


We truly value every RECYCLED dog’s life we take in!


TK Recycled Dog Rescue is a completely new and powerful approach to ending the age old problems of why dogs are being discarded and tossed from our homes. We approach rescue with an absolute determination to train and rehab every soul we touch, and in the process not only get to truly know and understand the dogs we save, but to also use the knowledge we gain from each dog in choosing an appropriate and qualified human!


I believe that when it comes to rescuing dogs, it pays to choose their potential human wisely, so that’s what we do. Our approach takes the time to educate all potential rescue parents in the art of dog language, lifestyle philosophy, as well as learned telepathy and body talk that all dogs will clearly understand.


The goal is to raise dog-aware rescuers that any dog would want to follow.

The goal is to never have a single dog returned.

The goal is to revolutionize the art of rescue in order to ensure complete success for the animals we love so dearly.


After all, who would ever want to go back to rescuing untrained or non-heeled animals after sharing life with a TK RECYCLED rescue who has been truly prepared for your home, your kids, and neighbors too, and taught how to live the good life in peace and harmony forever!



Where re-purposed doggy dreams come true!


Recycled Rescue TV

A dedicated channel that focuses on the daily practices of TK’s rescue life, from finding and saving dogs, to rehabbing and prepping them for life in the real world.


Talk Dogs TV

This channel is dedicated to the hottest topics around the world of dog related topics and causes. Follow TK as he takes it to the streets to see, hear, and feel the pulse and the nation’s views on all things dog.


Play Dog TV

Beautiful dogs playing in beautiful places…Get it?


TK Hot Tips TV

Get new tips every week about better ways to lead our dogs and keep them feeling happy, safe, and loved.