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Healing Households

One Dog at a Time

DOGZLIFE is not just about training dogs - it's a lifestyle.


This lifestyle is based on TK's simple principles for how dogs and humans can live better, more meaningful lives together. Educating folks with dogs about deeper animal communication while teaching them ever-better ways our dogs can fit into our urban environments is the key.


It's about providing dogs and their people the freedom to live lifestyles of deeper meaning through enhanced connectivity and flawless behavior and communication.


This all feeds into a larger message that we can apply to any part of our lives:


Responsibility  ·  Love  ·  Passion  ·  Discipline  ·  Commitment  ·  Communication  ·  Respect  ·  Time  ·  Patience  ·  Freedom


The man behind the Dogzlife lifestyle is Tyson Kilmer - a no nonsense trainer and personality with intensive techniques that can only be described as part-training/part-therapy for both the dogs and their owners!

For Tyson Kilmer, training animals was a birthright. Raised in a rural community in B.C., Tyson worked with every type of animal from an early age, yet he always had a special affinity and gift for working with canines. Without anyone “teaching” him how to do it, Tyson expertly trained all his family’s dogs, and soon friends and neighbors were hiring him to do the same for their pets, especially those dogs that were unresponsive to traditional training methods. With his own self-taught style, Tyson found that his system of dog and puppy obedience training was 100 percent effective regardless of the animal’s age, temperament or breed.


As "the dog trainer to the rich and famous," Tyson's celebrity clientele includes Sheryl Crow, Rob Lowe, Marilyn Manson, Mike Tyson, Joni Mitchell, Lenny Kravitz, Rose McGowan, Mark McGrath, Steve Carr, Mathieu Kassovitz, Derron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Chris Cornell, Kate Beckinsale, Maggie Q, and Sam Simon. Still, Tyson most enjoys training dogs for everyone who wants to live in perfect harmony with their canine companions.


The Tyson Kilmer Method of training covers all the basic commands – including “sit/stay,” “down/stay,” “come/stay” and the perfect “heel” – by use of hand signals, body movement and both verbal correction and praise. Moreover, the Tyson Method puts equal focus on teaching the dog owner all the skills and lifestyle training necessary to insure a happy healthy owner-canine relationship, one that recognizes the importance of balance and mutual respect. As Tyson always says, “A happy healthy dog is one that knows his or her place in the family tree.”


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Basic Obedience Training - Phase 1

Your dog will learn how to listen and connect with you while also performing all of the basic commands, including how to come when called, how to sit, lay down, go to bed, heel, and go to crate when needed, plus basic socialization and play.


Basic training also teaches dog and parents how to stop behaviors like jumping, nipping, and chewing, while encouraging your dog to chew designated dog toys, thus sparing your house.


Advanced Training - Phase 2

TK’s advanced training puts all of the basics to use in helping to create a seamless flow of behavior in your home, neighborhood, and on the hiking trails too.


Phase 2 focuses on home etiquette training, how to behave when friends come over, how to behave when children are present and playing with toys, front door behavior, the use of dog beds as safe zones, sharing food, safe and courteous greeting, and last but not least creating healthy play behaviors.


Advanced Training - Phase 3

Phase 3 is all about creating the very best in street & hike training for your dog. You will become a master at sharing sidewalks and hiking trails, learning about passing dogs and and people too.


In this stage of work we are teaching humans about how to deal with other folks and unruly dogs we may meet while out in public. We provide training tactics to keep you and your dog safe and in control.


This stage will teach you about barking dogs behind fences, loud motorcycles and trash trucks, skateboards and approaching dogs too. You’ll learn how to calmly remain in control when the world around you is not!


Phase 3 is the ultimate guide to urban mastery for you and your dog.


Private Consultations

Meet at our location or yours and discuss the best game plan for training your dog and decide the best plan of action.


Seminars - "3 Days With Tyson Kilmer"


To inquire about services please contact us.

"When we met Tyson with my Pit bull Lucy, we created the miracle of freedom for me and my dog. Lucy was free to enjoy restaurants and daily walks where she is happy to see people and other puppies. Lucy was a wild out of control street dog wondering around in downtown Los Angeles. She walked into my office and adopted me. It was a life changer. But to have a whole dog with the possibility of a normal life was the gift Lucy and I was granted with the training of Tyson Kilmer... Thank you for life, Mr. Kilmer"

Barry and Julie Balonick

"As far as developing a healthy and happy relationship with your dog and training people to be responsible, caring and strong pack leaders there is simply no equal to Tyson Kilmer. With Love, clarity, discipline and trust he is able to give the priceless gift of absolute freedom with you dog. More importantly, peace of mind. He is the best there is. Period."

Jon Bernthal

"Tyson is the best dog trainer in the world!"

Mathieu Kassovitz

“Tyson Kilmer is the best dog trainer in the world! He’s so good I willed him beloved dog Columbo because no one else in the world could keep him safe and loved.”

Sam Simon

"Tyson Kilmer is to dogs what Spock was to humans. One "touch" from his "Vulcan" finger and the dog becomes putty in his hands. I've never seen anything like it!"

Bruce Rubenstein

“TK has been an empowerment platform for me and my animals to co-habitat, communicate and live a fuller life together. Tyson has empowered me to find strength as a woman with my dogs that has in turn allowed me to be an example for my daughters. I am forever grateful for all of the lessons that Tyson has taught me. The TK principles are a core part of our family values now.”


"TK's unique talent connects with the soul of the dog… his skill and commitment is unrivaled. My own dogs are a walking testament to his genius!!"

Michael Brian

“Working with Tyson and TK has been transformative not only for my family (and dogs) as a household but for me personally. I've developed life lessons and achieved a balance that extends beyond the relationship I have with my animals. Tyson is rehabilitating dogs, and more specifically the perception of bully breeds, one human at a time.”

Ryan Tomlinson

"Tyson Kilmer trained my dogs but also trained me to be a dog trainer which has completely changed my life and the dogs'… Tyson Kilmer is my hero!"

Maggie Q.

“Because of your amazing training with Leroy he has become the best dog ever! He's matured a lot. Super sweet as well. We have a great communication. Thanks again."

Lenny Kravitz

"Tyson's proactive approach has set my my dog free from anxiety and depression also set the bar for dog training for years to come"


“Marley and his brother Haze are my Cane Corso mixes dogs, expertly trained by Tyson. I would have taken a picture with them, but they're so well trained they're busy making my bed and cooking my breakfast."

Steve Carr


RECYCLED: The act of taking something used, thrown out, lost, or devalued and re-purposing it, thus providing a new lease on life!


I believe that the key to solving the shelter and rescue crisis comes down to answering the age old question: Why do we fail to train our pups after choosing them? I believe behavior to be the most crucial reason why dogs become homeless, and why dog parents become desperate enough to give them up to shelter and rescue in the first place.


We truly value every RECYCLED dog's life we take in!


TK Recycled Dog Rescue is a completely new and powerful approach to ending the age old problems of why dogs are being discarded and tossed from our homes. We approach rescue with an absolute determination to train and rehab every soul we touch, and in the process not only get to truly know and understand the dogs we save, but to also use the knowledge we gain from each dog in choosing an appropriate and qualified human!


I believe that when it comes to rescuing dogs, it pays to choose their potential human wisely, so that's what we do. Our approach takes the time to educate all potential rescue parents in the art of dog language, lifestyle philosophy, as well as learned telepathy and body talk that all dogs will clearly understand.


The goal is to raise dog-aware rescuers that any dog would want to follow.

The goal is to never have a single dog returned.

The goal is to revolutionize the art of rescue in order to ensure complete success for the animals we love so dearly.


After all, who would ever want to go back to rescuing untrained or non-heeled animals after sharing life with a TK RECYCLED rescue who has been truly prepared for your home, your kids, and neighbors too, and taught how to live the good life in peace and harmony forever!



Where re-purposed doggy dreams come true!


Recycled Rescue TV

A dedicated channel that focuses on the daily practices of TK's rescue life, from finding and saving dogs, to rehabbing and prepping them for life in the real world.


Play Dog TV

Beautiful dogs playing in beautiful places...Get it?


TK Hot Tips TV

Get new tips every week about better ways to lead our dogs and keep them feeling happy, safe, and loved.