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For Tyson Kilmer, training animals was a birthright. Raised in a rural community in B.C., Tyson worked with every type of animal from an early age, yet he always had a special affinity and gift for working with canines. Without anyone “teaching” him how to do it, Tyson expertly trained all his family’s dogs, and soon friends and neighbors were hiring him to do the same for their pets, especially those dogs that were unresponsive to traditional training methods. With his own self-taught style, Tyson found that his system of dog and puppy obedience training was 100 percent effective regardless of the animal’s age, temperament or breed. Having professionally trained dogs throughout his youth, Tyson was approached by a modeling scout at age 15 and began an exciting and lucrative career as a professional model. Though still training dogs as a hobby, Tyson spent the next decade traveling the world and gracing international runways as a model for the worlds top couture designers. He likewise filled the pages of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines with feature spreads in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire, among others. By age 25, Tyson had lost his passion for modeling and realized…

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