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For Tyson Kilmer, training animals was a birthright. Raised in a rural community in B.C., Tyson worked with every type of animal from an early age, yet he always had a special affinity and gift for working with canines. Without anyone “teaching” him how to do it, Tyson expertly trained all his family’s dogs, and soon friends and neighbors were hiring him to do the same for their pets, especially those dogs that were unresponsive to traditional training methods. With his own self-taught style, Tyson found that his system of dog and puppy obedience training was 100 percent effective regardless of the animal’s age, temperament or breed.

He’s a no nonsense trainer and personality with intensive techniques that can only be described as part-training/part-therapy for both the dogs and their owners!

As “the dog trainer to the rich and famous,” Tyson’s celebrity clientele includes Sheryl Crow, Rob Lowe, Marilyn Manson, Mike Tyson, Joni Mitchell, Lenny Kravitz, Rose McGowan, Mark McGrath, Steve Carr, Mathieu Kassovitz, Derron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Tony Parker, Eva Longoria, Chris Cornell, Kate Beckinsale, Maggie Q, and Sam Simon. Still, Tyson most enjoys training dogs for everyone who wants to live in perfect harmony with their canine companions.

The Tyson Kilmer Method of training covers all the basic commands – including “sit/stay,” “down/stay,” “come/stay” and the perfect “heel” – by use of hand signals, body movement and both verbal correction and praise. Moreover, the Tyson Method puts equal focus on teaching the dog owner all the skills and lifestyle training necessary to insure a happy healthy owner-canine relationship, one that recognizes the importance of balance and mutual respect. As Tyson always says, “A happy healthy dog is one that knows his or her place in the family tree.”

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Our Mission

DogzLife is not just about training dogs – it’s our lifestyle.

This lifestyle is based on Tyson Kilmer’s simple principles for how dogs and humans can live better, more meaningful lives together:

Responsibility · Love · Passion · Discipline · Commitment · Communication · Respect · Time · Patience · Freedom

Educating folks with dogs about deeper animal communication while teaching them ever-better ways our dogs can fit into our urban environments is the key. We provide dogs and their human companion the freedom to live lifestyles of deeper meaning through enhanced connectivity and flawless behavior and communication.

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