Naveah is coming out of her shell!

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With Tyson’s hectic work, training and travel schedule in full effect, it’s my responsibility to make sure that each dogs training/rehab agenda is being followed to perfection ! While each dog is unique in what they require out of us humans, I’d say that Naveah here  is starting to appreciate the work we’ve put into her and the relationship we’ve … Read More

Nevaeh’s First Recycled Training Walk

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SHE PULL’S, BUT SHE’S ALSO LEARNING TO DIAL INTO LISTENING AND LEARNING ABOUT WHAT IT MEANS TO FOLLOW.   Nevaeh still plus as we walk, this shows that she wants to lead, as following will be an admission that she is relinquishing control. She certainly has control issues, issue’s that allow her to hold on to her abilities to choose … Read More


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THE FIRST STEPS ARE NEVER EASY, AS NEVAEH BEGINS THE WORK OF RELINQUISHING HER CONTROL AND TRUSTING ANOTHER TO LEAD !   For a new rehab these steps are significant, since moving in sync with us means letting go of her control, letting go of her flight or fight instinct, for Nevaeh this is her very first offering of vulnerability … Read More