09/17/2015 at 3:22 pm #4250

If your in the business of training Pit bulls Mastiffs Powerbreeds privately for folks then you most likely understand the types of challenges and craziness folks in our field need deal with in the humans who these dogs are attached to. You most likely really wish to make a larger difference for the breeds we know are savable yet suffer the same types of set backs in dealing with the human mindsets that hold these dogs back !

In this forum we who are real deal trainers can share stories and talk shop in the hopes of raising awareness and also a greater sense of community amongst we who fight tooth and nail for real change to be upon us…

This is a NO EGO NO B.S. ZONE and we will strictly support real and open respectful dialogue here for us all to enjoy !

Think of this as a place where trainers can open up about the challenges we face and the solutions we can bring…


We save them