• Dogz Dawg TK posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago


    OK FOLKS…So there’s a few ways to post here on the TK DogzLife site, first when we hit the DogzLife tab on the bottom toolbar this will take you here to the main feed ! The main feed is a place thats mostly for sharing your daily blurbs, your quick pics your funny stuff or your shout outs !

    The second way to post is in the Blog Post feed which can be accomplished by tapping the white tab with the GREEN CROSS on the bottom toolbar, this will enable you to post video and also still pics and is a great place to post your dog work and receive comments and constructive encouragements.

    These posts will show up as reminders on the main feed, yet can only be watched on the blog page, they will also live on your profile pages too !

    The third way to post is directly on to your profile page now this is great because as we grow and find friends on the site we will all be able to congregate on one another’s pages and share stories vids advice and DogzLife !

    Hope you folks enjoy and use this tool to the most !!! TK