• Dogz Dawg TK posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    When I first met Bodie a couple weeks back, it was in his new home with his new rescue mom , and what I saw terrified me as Bodie ran in circles first around mom, then around myself ! It’s not the circles he ran that scared me it was the constant biting attacks that perpetrated on us both, his lil jaws snapping together like a Great White Shark, his lil claws scratching and clawing at us as he snap snapped away ! My fear, he would simply have too much drive to tame, for a mom with small kids to handle ! I’m very proud to say, that Bodie is learning to calm himself and to control his drive quite a bit already ! Not to claim success by any means, but to say were on the right path for sure !

    • Thanks please think of this social platform as a tool for raised dog behavior awareness !

    • The more we share and work together here the more we will all learn from each other and grow, one big family of dog solution peeps !