Training & Rehab

Phase 1

Basic Obedience Training

Your dog will learn how to listen and connect with you while also performing all of the basic commands, including how to come when called, how to sit, lay down, go to bed, heel, and go to crate when needed, plus basic socialization and play. Basic training also teaches dog and parents how to stop behaviors like jumping, nipping, and chewing, while encouraging your dog to chew designated dog toys, thus sparing your house.

Phase 2

Home Etiquette Training

Tyson’s advanced training puts all of the basics to use in helping to create a seamless flow of behavior in your home, neighborhood, and on the hiking trails too. Phase 2 focuses on home etiquette training, how to behave when friends come over, how to behave when children are present and playing with toys, front door behavior, the use of dog beds as safe zones, sharing food, safe and courteous greeting, and last but not least creating healthy play behaviors.

Phase 3

Urban Mastery Training

Phase 3 is all about creating the very best in street & hike training for your dog. You will become a master at sharing sidewalks and hiking trails, learning about passing dogs and people too. In this stage of work we are teaching humans about how to deal with other folks and unruly dogs we may meet while out in public. We provide training tactics to keep you and your dog safe and in control. This stage will teach you about barking dogs behind fences, loud motorcycles and trash trucks, skateboards and approaching dogs too. You’ll learn how to calmly remain in control when the world around you is not! Phase 3 is the ultimate guide to urban mastery for you and your dog.

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Meet with a DogzLife expert to create a customized training regime for your dog.

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