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Tyson KilmerTestimonials

Having Tyson train Titan, our new American Staffordshire terrier puppy, was the best thing that could have happened. Even at 10 weeks, Titan was unusually aggressive and would nip at our feet and chase my daughters to the point of tears. We saw Tyson Kilmer on TV and decided that if we were to keep this type of dog, it must be trained properly for both our safety and the safety of others. Tyson was able to teach Titan within a few months but it took our family a bit longer to learn the techniques required to reinforce & maintain those teachings.  Now we are able be in complete control of Titan in any situation as he respects our command and he is actually happy to comply.  Tyson’s teaching techniques have enabled Titan and our family to be free and off leash in any situation and for that we are very grateful. Thank you Tyson.

Cosko Family
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